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Cox-Colvin provides a broad range of environmental consulting and related services to our clients. Our clients depend on Cox-Colvin’s industry experienced environmental professionals to find solutions to their toughest environmental challenges and to stay safe while doing it. Our unique task-based fee schedule allows for the use of seasoned professionals in the field and throughout the project. Our scientists and engineers are highly skilled in organizing and managing data, interpretation of data, mapping and modeling techniques, and visualization software applications. We prepare reports that are clear and concise and create visually informative graphics.

To manage the large volume of environmental information typically associated with our projects, Cox-Colvin developed an internet-enabled database application called Data Inspector™. Access to Data Inspector™ is provided to our clients free of charge; it’s their data and we believe they should have unlimited access to it. With Data Inspector™, project teams and clients can search for and obtain PDF copies of environmental documents, prepare graphs of water levels and analytical trends, sort through tens of thousands of analytical results, use GIS tools to manage a wide variety of information (aerial photographs, historic site maps, analytical data, or any other site-specific layers), prepare maps, and export information to desktop applications or Google Earth. All of this is available through search wizards that effortlessly lead the user through the process.

Our services are summarized here and under Recognized Expertise. If you have any questions regarding our services or how we might be able to help you, please call or e-mail the Cox-Colvin staff member identified on that webpage.

If you have general questions or you are just not sure who to contact, please contact: