Vapor Intrusion

Cox-Colvin is an industry leader in Vapor Intrusion (VI) investigation and are globally recognized for our expertise in this field. We are well versed in conducting VI projects in commercial, industrial, and residential properties, with minimal disruption and timely reporting.

Vapor Intrusion

Cox-Colvin’s experience in the assessment of vapor intrusion (VI) issues is widely regarded and our pioneering work in this field led us to develop the Vapor Pin® sampling device, which has become the industry standard for VI investigations.

Cox-Colvin has successfully completed numerous VI assessment, source area prospecting, and vapor mitigation projects. Our innovative approaches for investigating subsurface volatile contaminants enable us to collect appropriate vapor intrusion (soil-gas, sewer gas, indoor ambient air, etc) datasets with speed and accuracy, providing a thorough understanding of site conditions. Cox-Colvin can help you efficiently navigate your vapor intrusion challenges, no matter the scale or complexity.

Our Team

Main Contact
Craig A. Cox, CPG
Principal Scientist

Our vapor intrusion and related services include:

  • Conceptual Site Model Development
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment
  • Sub-Slab Sampling
  • Soil Gas Sampling
  • Indoor Air Sampling
  • Sewer Gas Investigation
  • Mitigation
  • Source Area Characterization


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