Client and Litigation Support

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Client and litigation support services include a variety of activities such as third-party document review and oversight, data collection, modeling, expert report preparation, GIS analysis, database support, development of courtroom exhibits, and expert witness deposition and testimony.

Litigation of environmental and human-health related impacts can be costly, time consuming, and often based upon complex scientific and technical concepts. Successful litigation support is based on the compilation of diverse and complex technical information into a coherent illustration that is understandable to a non-technical audience. Support that can identify the critical environmental issues, anticipate opposing strategies, and coordinate the most suitable approaches and experts, will impart confidence in and credibility to legal arguments. Cox-Colvin & Associates personnel have testified in judicial and regulatory hearings, for a variety of situations including: landfill sites, groundwater contaminant source area evaluation, groundwater flow and contaminant migration, well field siting, comingled groundwater contaminant plume evaluations, background metal concentrations in soil, distribution of contaminants in soil surrounding industrial properties, and septic treatment systems.

Our support is provided through a team of seasoned environmental professionals specializing in hydrogeology, geology, engineering, data validation, and GIS/database application development. In addition, Cox-Colvin partners with other experts in the fields of toxicology and risk assessment, groundwater modeling, and forensic evaluations.

Cox-Colvin provides our clients with expertise in the following areas: