Permitting and Compliance

Forward thinking organizations understand that successful business practices are increasingly linked to obtaining necessary permits as well as maintaining a framework of sound environmental compliance.

Permitting and Compliance

Cox-Colvin works closely with our clients to understand their priorities, facility needs and schedule issues to develop the most effective and workable approach to permitting and compliance. We routinely assess the current compliance status of our clients’ manufacturing and production facilities and then assist with the identification of environmental regulatory requirements specific to their processes and facilities. Our working knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations, and our ability to work in partnership with the regulatory agencies involved, are essential components to the environmental compliance and permitting services we provide.

Our Team

Main Contact
Craig A. Cox, CPG
Principal Scientist

Our Permitting and Compliance and related services include:

  • NPDES permits, SWPPPs, and SPCC plans
  • Wastewater PTIs
  • TRI, Tier II, and biennial hazardous waste reporting
  • Cessation of regulated operation plans
  • RCRA closure and post closure plans and certifications
  • RCRA permit applications, modifications, and renewals
  • Variances from classification as a waste
  • Underground injection permits
  • Waste characterization
  • Air permitting, including PTIOs, PBRs, and de minimis demonstrations


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