Groundwater Supply, Exploration, and Development

Cox-Colvin’s staff of professional hydrogeologists specialize in making hydrogeologic determinations that are necessary for the development, management, and protection of groundwater resources.

Groundwater Supply, Exploration, and Development

The long-term efficiency and performance of a groundwater production well is directly related to the quality of its design and installation. Water supply well evaluations are multifaceted and typically include logistic (siting requirements), economic (cost benefit analysis) and technical (groundwater availability) issues.

We provide expertise regarding the design and operation of water supply wells to our clients, allowing them to make objective decisions to best meet their water supply needs. Based on our extensive experience in design and installation of water supply wells, we recognize that working closely with our clients in a phased approach offers the best opportunity for project success.

Our Team

Main Contact
Douglas R. Hunter, PG
Senior Scientist

Our Groundwater Supply and related services include:

  • Hydrogeologic site assessment and characterization
  • Groundwater supply availability/feasibility studies
  • Aquifer testing and yield estimate
  • New well siting and well field design
  • Well maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Vertical and radial horizontal collector well design and performance evaluation
  • Source Water Protection
  • Bid specifications and construction oversight


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