Groundwater Monitoring

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Groundwater Monitoring

Cox-Colvin & Associates conducts groundwater monitoring under a variety of regulatory programs, in numerous hydrogeologic settings using a vast array of monitoring tools and techniques. Our success begins with well thought out and designed monitoring programs and plans that meet both client and regulatory program needs.

Cox-Colvin field personnel are extensively trained on the principals and techniques of groundwater monitoring and adhere to strict QA/QC guidelines. Our integrated database management tools are used to prepare pre-printed sample labels and chain-of-custody documents which greatly reduce errors, and allow for automated sample tracking and seamless uploading of analytical data into project databases. Based on plan needs, groundwater monitoring data receives appropriate QA/QC review or validation to ensure the requested analyses were performed, holding times were met, reporting limits were attained, respective QA/QC standards were met, and that the data can be used for its intended purpose. In addition, we are experienced in a variety of statistical, data analysis and visualization methodologies, including two and three dimensional interpolation and depiction of geologic, hydrogeologic, and chemical distribution conditions.

Groundwater monitoring services provided by Cox-Colvin & Associates include the following:

  • Development and negotiation of monitoring programs and plans, including detection, assessment, compliance, and corrective action monitoring
  • Design of groundwater monitoring networks
  • Design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells
  • Alternate source demonstrations
  • Alternate concentration limit development
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Determination of groundwater flow direction and rate of flow
  • Groundwater flow modeling
  • High definition environmental investigations
  • Forensic analysis
  • Coordination of laboratory services
  • Statistical analysis of groundwater quality data
  • Data validation
  • Data management
  • Preparation of RCRA Supplementary Annual Reports