Data Management

Cox-Colvin is well versed in handling large and complex datasets and has developed numerous GIS/Database management systems that are robust and tailored to meet specific project and client needs.

Data Management

Over time, a regulated facility can generate large datasets and numerous documents associated with various environmental monitoring programs.  Managing all this information in a format that promotes easy access for compiling, sharing, and leveraging the data can be a challenge, especially given the inevitable turnover of staff, regulators, and consultants on long-term projects.   Our flagship environmental management information system, Data Inspector™, is used to support many of our clients’ data management needs.

Our applications are scalable, secure, easy to operate and maintain, and free of third-party licensing arrangements. Applications and databases are designed by scientists who know and understand the data and how it will be used. We invest in numerous software products that allow us to develop and deploy applications to a variety of operating systems including Windows, Apple, and Android, all from a single source code.  Cox-Colvin can help develop GIS/database applications to meet your specific data management needs.

Our Team

Main Contact
Craig A. Cox
Principal Scientist

Our Data Management and related services include:

  • Data Importation from Legacy Systems
  • Data Normalization and Compilation
  • Physical File Capture and Storage
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Application Development
  • Secure Internet-Enabled Database Access


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