Superfund RI/FS RD/RA – South Point Plant Site, South Point, OH


The South Point Plant Superfund Site, located in southern Ohio, produced nitrogen-based products (munitions, fertilizers, urea, ammonia, melamine, nitric acid, and formaldehyde) between 1943 and 1979. The 610-acre facility was listed on the National Priorities List (NPL) in 1984 and proceeded, as a PRP-lead project, through the Superfund remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) and remedial design/remedial action (RD/RA) processes under Consent Decrees between Honeywell International, Inc. (formerly AlliedSignal, Inc.) and USEPA and Ohio EPA. Cox-Colvin personnel managed the entire RI/FS and RD/RA work at the facility since 1987. The RA, completed in 2002, consisted of the consolidation of 25,000 cubic yards of arsenic contaminated soils, the construction of a 9-acre landfill, and a groundwater capture and discharge program. Cox-Colvin personnel have directed or consulted on all aspects of the Superfund Project following the RA including Operation & Maintenance and 5-year reviews. In October 2004, US EPA completed a “Ready for Reuse” determination for the site, the second Superfund site to receive such a determination, and the first site located east of the Mississippi River. Cox-Colvin continues to work with the owner of the site as they redevelop it into a modern industrial center. The next goal is to have all or portions of the site removed form from the NPL, a process known as delisting.


During the RI/FS Cox-Colvin personnel developed database applications and electronic data deliverable formats to streamline and improve data management and reporting. These efforts began when environmental information management systems were in their infancy. The database application developed for the South Point site are the ancestors of Cox-Colvin’s Data Inspector™. As a testament to the flexibility and resilience of the database design, all of the South Point data has successfully migrated from its original DOS platform to the modern client-server SQL platform now used by Data Inspector™.