Ohio Voluntary Action Program Project – Non-Ferrous Metal Foundry Evaluation


Cox-Colvin & Associates was approached by the owner of a large industrial park concerning potential environmental issues associated with a non-ferrous metal foundry operation leasing one of their buildings. Cox-Colvin completed Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP) compliant Phase I and Phase II Property Assessments of the facility and determined that fugitive dust emissions, containing elevated concentrations of copper, lead, nickel, tin, and zinc had contaminated the interior of the building, roof, storm sewers, and grounds.


To evaluate the potential effect on future commercial/industrial human receptors, Cox-Colvin completed human health risk assessment and used multiple chemical adjustments to establish cleanup goals. Because the property owner did not wish to sell the site, the decision was made not to pursue a no further action determination from the Ohio EPA. Instead, the owner elected to evict the tenant and obtain a lump sum payment to cover the expected costs to restore the facility. Metal ratios from samples of dust collected within the interior of the building were used to evaluate the extent of contamination beyond the building, and to distinguish contamination associated with the foundry from sandblasting sand used at a neighboring facility. Cox-Colvin directed the environmental restoration of the interior and exterior of the facility, the grounds, and storm sewers. Restoration efforts were completed within five months. The cost to conduct the cleanup was fully covered by the lump sum payment obtained from the foundry owner.