New Well Field Investigation and Design


In 2018, Cox-Colvin was retained by a public water utility to evaluate the groundwater development potential of a possible well field expansion site. Cox-Colvin designed and implemented a test drilling plan to characterize the site geology and determine the thickness and extent of the aquifer. Several of the test borings were completed as observation wells for the purpose of monitoring groundwater quality and water levels.


To evaluate the groundwater development potential, estimated yields were calculated for hypothetical production wells installed at various locations across the site. Well depths, screen lengths and screen slot sizes were estimated from boring log information and sieve analysis data. The evaluation involved several key factors including the physical and hydraulic characteristics of the aquifer, available drawdown, natural recharge limitations, induced infiltration from surface water sources, and mutual interferences caused by simultaneous pumping of adjacent production wells. The project findings indicate the Site can be economically developed with a series of vertical wells to meet the client’s capacity needs.