Data Inspector 5.0 to Debut in September

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Data Inspector 5.0 to Debut in September

By: Craig A. Cox, CPG

Environmental projects are driven by data.  Managing and evaluating these data in an efficient manner is key to project success.  Over time, a regulated facility can generate large datasets and numerous documents associated with various environmental investigation and monitoring programs.  Managing all this information in a format that promotes easy access for compiling, sharing, and leveraging the data can be a challenge, especially given the inevitable turnover of staff, regulators, and consultants on long-term projects.   Our flagship environmental management information system, Data Inspector™, has been used to support many of our clients’ data management needs for over 25 years.  In September, we will be releasing Data Inspector 5.0.  This new version has improved navigation, expanded graphing techniques, and enhanced GIS capabilities.

For over two decades, Data Inspector™ has provided our staff, consultants, and clients with secure access to their project data (analytical and field results, physical files, and spatial data) and a direct means of managing their hazardous waste streams.  Data Inspector™ provides this access through intuitive interfaces that quickly lead you to the answers you need free of third-party licensing arrangements.

Major enhancements in Version 5.0 include an expanded set of graphing techniques that allow you to explore and report on your data in a very efficient manner, improved navigation, streamlined PDF capabilities and a major redesign of the GIS mapping module. 


In addition to the time series charts that have been around many years, we have added Cross Plot and Tri-Linear charting capabilities that are extremely responsive to even the largest data sets. 


The GIS module has been expanded to allow users to save, share, and refine an unlimited number of mapping projects and access these projects in only two mouse clicks.  The features are great for exploring data and preparing final graphics for reports and sharing what you have found with anyone with access to your project database. 

The GIS interface has been completely redesigned to allow the user to complete line and polygon measurements, add layers by a variety of categories, query the database for a wide variety of sample types, plot these data in 3-dimensions, and much more.

Soon after the release, Cox-Colvin will publish help files, tips, and short videos on how to access, manage, export, report your data; search and share physical project files; and prepare charts, figures, and maps.  Please stay tuned. 

Published in the August 2021 Focus on the Environment.

Craig Cox is a principal and co-founder of Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc., and holds degrees in geology and mineralogy from the Ohio State University and hydrogeology from the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. Cox has over 30 years of experience managing large environmental project implemented under CERCLA and state voluntary action programs. Mr. Cox is the inventor of the VAPOR PIN® sampling device and has developed a variety of software products including Data Inspector, an internet-enabled environmental database application. Mr. Cox is a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) with AIPG and is a Certified Professional (CP) under Ohio EPA's Voluntary Action Program.