Ohio Brownfield Redevelopment Fund Extended

Ohio has historically been a national model for brownfields redevelopment and is continuing to transform its communities by investing in cleaning up environmentally contaminated and blighted sites.  Beginning with the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund (2002 – 2013) and continuing with the current Brownfield Revitalization Fund (BRF), Ohio has demonstrated that when a sustained, flexible funding program is available, brownfield redevelopment results in immediate and lasting economic, environmental, and community benefits throughout the state.

The Brownfield Revitalization Fund (BRF) awards grants to applicants for a variety of projects throughout Ohio.  As of October 12, 2022, the BRF has awarded 74 assessment grants and 116 clean up grants totaling $252 million, with an additional $98 million yet to be awarded.  More importantly, on July 3, 2023, Governor Mike DeWine signed Ohio’s two-year state operating budget which will provide an additional $350 million over the next two years to provide brownfield remediation efforts in Ohio.  More information regarding the BRF program can be found at the Greater Ohio Policy Center website.

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