Groundwater Modeling Protects NE Ohio Villages’ Source Water Plans

Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc. (Cox-Colvin) was retained by a local law firm to evaluate the potential for a proposed expansion of a municipal well field in northeastern Ohio to adversely affect adjacent water well owners, including the well of an adjacent village.

Cox-Colvin evaluated long-term aquifer tests conducted by consultants for both municipalities and recognized the potential for the proposed well field to exceed the long-term safe yield. Using existing regional and published site data, Cox-Colvin developed a three-dimensional groundwater flow model of the aquifer system.  The purpose of the model was to predict future groundwater levels that would result from the combined long-term pumping of the two municipal well fields.

Using the groundwater model and simulations of the aquifer system using various pumping scenarios, Cox-Colvin identified limitations in the buried valley aquifer’s yield and advised our client on withdraw rates, which would not exceed the long-term safe yield of the aquifer.

  • Utilizing existing site data and published regional data, developed 3D groundwater flow model to simulate long-term save yield under various pumping scenarios;
  • Identified acceptable pumping rates and draw down
  • Affected potential lawsuits between municipal and private residents