Groundwater Supply Exploration and Development

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Groundwater Supply Exploration and Development

The long-term efficiency and performance of a groundwater production well is directly related to the quality of its design and installation. Water supply well evaluations are multifaceted and typically include logistic (siting requirements), economic (cost benefit analysis) and technical (groundwater availability) issues.

Cox-Colvin’s experience in the design and operation of water supply wells provides our clients with the ability to make objective decisions regarding the appropriate solution to fit their needs. Based on our extensive experience in design and installation of water supply wells, we recognize that working closely with our clients in a phased approach, offers the best chance for project success.

The first phase of any well field development project is the identification and screening of potential sites. Key logistical considerations include but are not limited to: site development costs (i.e. infrastructure and property acquisition); regulatory siting requirements; proximity of adjacent groundwater users; and the proximity of known or potential groundwater contamination sources. Hydrogeological considerations include the physical and hydraulic characteristics of the aquifer, available recharge, sustainable aquifer yield, groundwater quality, and seasonal groundwater fluctuations.

Assuming a suitable site is identified, the second phase involves determining the groundwater development potential of the property in terms of the number and spacing of individual wells and their anticipated yield. If the anticipated yields meet the project objectives, the well design details are finalized and plan drawings and written technical specifications are prepared for the basis of contractor bids.

As the challenges and costs associated with land acquisition, recharge limitations, source-water protection, and surface-water influence concerns increase, owners and engineers must think beyond conventional vertical well technologies to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for their water supply needs. In these circumstances, radial collector wells and angle wells may offer the most long-term and cost-effective alternative. Cox-Colvin’s experience in both conventional and alternative well applications provides our clients with the ability to make objective decisions regarding the appropriate solution to fit their needs.

Cox-Colvin provides our clients with expertise in the following areas: