Due Diligence and Brownfields

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Due Diligence and Brownfields

Environmental site assessments and environmental audits have become a standard feature of property transactions and Brownfield redevelopment programs. At Cox-Colvin, the majority of our due diligence work is performed for industrial clients with multiple facilities situated across the country, utilizing our broad understanding of federal, and state regulatory requirements. Performed by teams of qualified geologists, engineers and regulatory specialists, we identify the potential environmental liabilities related to the transaction by identifying the presence, or likely presence of past, present, or potential recognized environmental conditions on a subject property. Throughout this process, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, explain risk from both a regulatory and business standpoint, and provide the information needed to make informed financial decisions.

Through the Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP), businesses and property owners can investigate possible environmental contamination, clean up the property, and receive a covenant not to sue (CNS) from the State of Ohio ensuring that additional cleanup won’t be needed. VAP maximizes resources and expertise in the private sector by using qualified, experienced professionals such as engineers and scientists certified by Ohio EPA as certified professionals (CP).

Cox-Colvin tailors our investigations, risk assessments, and remediation approaches to the clients’ end use plan in the redevelopment of brownfield sites through programs such as the Ohio Voluntary Action Program (VAP). Craig A. Cox, CPG, CP serves as a Certified Professional under the Ohio VAP.

Cox-Colvin provides our clients with expertise in the following areas: