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Data Inspector

Electronic management of environmental and facility-related information has become a necessary function for all private or public-sector businesses. If done correctly, this investment pays for itself as managers and project teams are able to quickly and effortlessly access and use up-to-date, meaningful information. Data Inspector™ is an environmental and facility information management system developed by Cox-Colvin over the last two decades to manage, retrieve, present, analyze, and report on nearly any form of information your facility or client may require.

With Data Inspector™ you can easily:

    • Retrieve and share written documents based on a wide variety of search functions
    • Retrieve analytical results for use in reports, further analysis, or to plot on site maps using Data Inspector’s™ built-in GIS capabilities
    • Quickly review georeferenced aerial photography and other layers, including historical site drawings,
    • Manage hazardous waste shipments and produce electronic regulator-required reports
    • Incorporate nearly any facility-related information for secure storage and retrieval,
    • Export information to other commonly used software products including word processors, spreadsheets, statistical programs, and even Google Earth.

Data Inspector™ is a client-server database/GIS application that is accessed through the web by desktops computers as well as mobile devices using Android and Apple operating systems. The single database design ensures all users are relying on the same data whether they are down the hall or half way around the world. Control of specific modules within Data Inspector™ is provided at the user level.

Put Cox-Colvin’s expertise in data management to work for you today.

For more information, contact:

Craig Cox