Groundwater Supply Exploration and Development

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Groundwater Supply Exploration and Development

When developed properly, groundwater provides a safe and reliable water source for potable and industrial purposes. Groundwater sources are generally more drought resistant, higher quality, and less expensive to develop and treat than surface water, making it the preferred alternative. These attributes make the development of groundwater supplies in many regions more complex as competing demands on this natural resource grow. The assessment of potential groundwater sources involves several critical issues including aquifer characterization, natural recharge limitations, groundwater and surface-water interactions, interferences with existing pumping centers, and water balance computations to estimate long-term groundwater yields. Once identified, groundwater services required to properly develop and protect the resource include regulatory permitting, well design and construction, well field design and expansion, well field management strategies and source water protection planning. The key to successfully developing new groundwater resources is to fully understanding all these elements.

At Cox-Colvin, our staff of professional hydrogeologists specializes in making the hydrologic and geologic determinations necessary for the development, management and protection of groundwater resources. We are experienced with all aspects of water-supply development projects, from performing the initial hydrogeologic studies and exploratory drilling to production well design, testing and permitting. Our experience affords us the ability to evaluate multiple different well applications to design the well system that best meets our client’s needs. For example, in addition to conventional vertical well systems, we are experienced in the siting, design and maintenance of radial horizontal collector wells.

As our existing infrastructure ages, well rehabilitation has become an important aspect of efficient water system operation, ensuring the reliability of the groundwater supply. Well performance declines with time and can be related to multiple factors including changing aquifer conditions and/or chemical/biological conditions inside the well. At Cox-Colvin, we offer complete services related to the diagnosis and evaluation of well performance issues as well as the appropriate rehabilitation and/or management strategies for addressing the problem. Optimizing well performance creates a more efficient operation that will maximize well yield, save money, increase well life, and delay the need for well replacement.

Finally, Cox-Colvin is highly experienced with regulatory requirements for permitting groundwater supplies, including siting requirements, test drilling and aquifer testing requirements, obtaining site acceptance approvals, preparation of permit-to-install applications, and the preparation of source water assessment and protection programs.

Groundwater supply and development related services include the following:

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